NEUTRALS: Personal Computing: 7” single

New music from Neutrals is always a good thing. You get two on this single, “Personal Computing” and “In the Future.” The title track is about computer fetishism, from the smell of the pages of computing magazines to the feel of the device. A sort of SMBD anthem for a world increasingly bound up in 0s and 1s. It’s a short—um, burst—hit it and quit it song. Over and done before it gets going really hot and steamy, leaving you wanting more. The flip, “In the Future” seems like an update of David Byrne’s song of the same name from 1985. Only this one focuses a future life of no work and only leisure. Utopian visions delivered through a post-punk vehicle, which makes me wonder if there’s a dystopian outcome lurking underneath the sheen. –Matt Average (Slumberland,