NEUTRALS: Bus Stop Nights E.P.: 7”

May 24, 2022

I’m pretty sure Neutrals’ “Rent” b/w “Your House” 7” was the first record to arrive at our house after lockdown started. Bec and I spent the evening of its arrival listening in the basement while we played darts. Now, almost exactly two years later, the Oakland trio is back with more new stuff, their first since last year’s fantastic Personal Computing 7”. All four of these tunes are almost instantly sing-alongable—if that’s a word—perfect gems of C86 pop songwriting with trebly guitar leads cutting jagged lines across melodic bass and driving drums. Through a different lens—perhaps one without a Scottish brogue—“Pressures of Life,” with its slice-of-life insistence, might be a J Church song. As I start to get back into the world a little bit more, people I haven’t seen in years inevitably ask what I’ve been listening to. Neutrals are one of a handful of acts I mention every single time. They helped me get through the pandemic. There’s plenty of space on the inevitable bus for you, too. –Michael T. Fournier (Static Shock,

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