NEUROSIS: Fires within Fires: CD/LP

Jan 18, 2017

The latest full-length from Neurosis is only five songs, but it still clocks in at forty-one minutes. Fires within Fires is a throwback to some of the band’s best work: Through Silver in Blood and Times of Grace. While nothing is ever going to top those albums, this album still seems stronger than the past few albums; it’s got some grandiosity and range, with both sinister and epic sounds, all encased in a general darkness for which the band is known. Neurosis understands how to build and grow, pull things back, and then explode all over the place. Steve von Till and Scott Kelly’s vocals are impassioned and fierce; the band’s riffs are fat and heavy. Still, this album isn’t breaking any new ground. Yet, for those who have been following the band for years, this is certainly worth picking up. –Kurt Morris (Neurot,