Sep 17, 2018

Well, this is a pleasant surprise! I was completely unaware that Nervous Exits existed or had an album until this here reissue and reunion show to commemorate the re-release. Nervous Exits were an Austin, Texas band from the mid-aughts and played noisy yet tight garage rock’n’roll. Get Out was apparently a CD-only issue from the band’s active days, and it looks like they never really made it out of town. Fortunately, the good folks at Sonic Surgery (imprint of Super Secret) saw fit to reissue this beast (remastered by Exits’ guitarist Patrick Travis—who also does time in Austin’s Gospel Truth and Golden Boys, to name a few.) The rhythm section is driving, and the bass groove anchors the songs. The guitars slash and burn whenever they please, but the overall presentation is air tight. I’ll gladly take seconds of this and keep any Oh Sees type nonsense off my plate. –Sal Lucci (Sonic Surgery,