NERVE BUTTON: Self-titled: LP

Nov 23, 2016

After fifteen minutes, this Moncton, New Brunswick band realizes that the distractingly up-front vocals should be brought down in the mix, allowing their high-energy Rock Poutine to sizzle to the forefront. Problem is, the album barely clocks in at twenty minutes in length. Hey, the last three songs are keepers, though! Musically, they remind me a bit of Montreal’s Smash Up Derby, with a recycled Giuda riff (which would actually make it twice recycled) and the Nick Lowe “Heart of the City” beat in the mix somewhere as well. In the days of cassettes, this would be the third album you’d put on a tape—good enough to fill out the remainder of the C-90 that wasn’t taken up by the two albums you liked better, but not so great that you cared if a song or two got cut off. Of course, I’d have to play the album backwards, so the songs I like come first, but I’m up for it if you are. BEST SONG: “Out on the Rigs.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Nerve Button,” which, at 3:02, is also their longest and worst song. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Lead singer’s name is “Batman.” ­–Rev. Nørb (Wanda,

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