NERVE BEATS: New Essentials: LP

Jul 25, 2018

I’ve been looking forward to more music from Hawaii’s Nerve Beats since I saw them one random night in late 2015. At that time, I was jobless and new to Austin, so I had to be very careful with my play money. It was a five dollar show at Beerland and I was with some friends, so it seemed it was a relatively cheap and fun way to pass a few hours. The crowd wasn’t very big, but Nerve Beats impressed those who were there, myself so much that I happily bought the 7” they were selling at the time, budget be damned. Nerve Beats are Minutemen-esque, with short, punchy songs, angular guitar, and jazz-inflected bass lines. On New Essentials, the sound is a little fuller, but the production is really in the red, just shy of being blown out, giving their songs even more urgency. I can’t pick out one favorite, but immediate standouts are “Riot Meditation” and “Berlin 6 4.” “T Dash 2” is reminiscent of The Oblivians “Memphis Creep.” Supposedly, Nerve Beats are due to tour the greater forty-eight again soon, so definitely check them out if they hit your town. –Sal Lucci (Fine Concepts,