NERD PROCESSOR: A Dumb Fool Loudly: CS

Mar 26, 2020

Nerd Processor is part of a recent explosion of lo-fi bedroom pop. While the sounds of these groups can vary, the common thread through them is the simplicity of the productions. The tracks can, and often are, literally recorded in musicians’ bedrooms. The stripped-down nature of the music makes every note of every instrument and every word of vocals that much more vital to carrying a song. Nerd Processor’s songs are strongly driven by the vocals and percussion of Andrew (no last name given). The strongest example of this is the track “Lunatic,” which is carried almost entirely by the vocals. Bits of palm muted guitar, organs, and soft horns by guest performer Rick Berger on this track bring more substance to the later part of the song. The follow-up track, “You Can’t Cry,” is almost the opposite, with every instrument a vital part of the song. I found “You Can’t Cry,” and other more substantial tracks on A Dumb Fool Loudly to be quite enjoyable, but the more minimalist tracks dull the appreciation of those stronger tunes. –Paul J. Comeau (Sister Cylinder,