NEON BONE: That Dog Won’t Hunt: LP

Jan 30, 2019

In the last few years, it’s become very evident: Europe is the continent for modern day pop punk, hands down. The region is very well represented, after all. Holland and Austria’s presence with Monster Zero and related bands has been obvious, but in recent years, Spain and Italy have exploded. Which brings us to Neon Bone, who are the current leaders in Germany (also with much love to the Haemmorrhoids). Neon Bone are a typical pop punk band, but their sounds leans to something of their own as well. On That Dog Won’t Hunt specifically, I’m hearing a resemblance to Bracket (specifically “924 Forestville”), and, the odd time, even some of the more straight forward Swingin’ Utters elements. The record has depth and great variance in tempo, which makes for a really enjoyable and cohesive listen. Another fine collaboration between Mom’s Basement and Monster Zero. –Steve Adamyk (Mom’s Basement, / Monster Zero,