May 23, 2018

Seriously DIY pop punk. I love it when totally unknown bands just happen to write a killer song. Of course, maybe they have discographies of albums, filled with great songs, self-released on CD and never heard by 99.9 percent of the punk world (and maybe they have black metal alter egos). In any case, you just never know when a great song will cross your path. This split 7” has two bands you’ve never heard of, with two songs each. Neon Bone’s first entry is “I Remember.” I wonder if they know about the Ramones’ “I Remember You” and Chixdiggit!’s “I Remember You,” both absolutely perfect pop punk songs. If they did, then this is a ballsy move that I love, because this is a great song! If they didn’t know, then where the hell have these (presumably) Germans been?! Grim Deeds’ “Punk Rock Therapy” has some Lillingtons-style leads and kills it in the lyrics and drum machine departments. Like Deeds’ other song on this split clearly spells out he’s a one-man-band (more or less) and epitomizes what’s great about DIY punk. Write a great song, record it, and see if you can get someone to listen. –Chad Williams (Mom’s Basement,