NECKING: Cut Your Teeth: CD

Feb 06, 2020

The first time I encountered Necking, I had just paid some sweaty dude in the aisle of a liquor store two dollars for directions to the Smiling Buddha Café. “Go left. Look for a silver structure. People will be pissing in an alley…”. Unloading their drums from the back of a minivan on a dirty side street of Vancouver, Necking were like a tour mirage and miracle. While I watched them perform in the half pipe that night, I thought they were the coolest fucking band I’d ever seen in my life. Cut Your Teeth embodies all the excitement Necking brings to their live show. It’s fun and full of rage and poetry, set to freaky dance punk with heavy rock breakdowns laced with millennium riot grrrl meets feminist metal attitude. Imagine the Descendents rhythm section collaborating with Party Line, but produced by Donita Sparks. It’s relatable, smart, and sneering, familiar yet pushing toward new territory. Think of the musical version of your ultimate youth friend crush wearing a velvet beret and a Suburban Lawns T-shirt, making esoteric comments while painting the last layers of shellac over some freaky statement piece in a garage because she couldn’t afford art school and didn’t want to go anyways. It’s nascent. It’s meaningful. It reminds me of things I cut my teeth to; fast pop punk and the lifesaving potential of confrontational feminist rock aesthetics in the face of art bro appropriation and shitty bosses. Definitely one of my favorite records of 2019. –Candace Hansen (Mint)