NECK: You Don’t Think It’s Evil: LP

Aug 01, 2019

Neck has cut out quite a little cult following for themselves in the last few years. So it’s to no surprise that their sophomore LP has been highly anticipated: ten Head-worship tunes from front to back. It’s to-the-point, catchy, and it’s exactly what it needs to be. A “party” record, as they call it, in that the same songs repeat on both sides of the record, so you’re just supposed to flip it and keep going. These veterans of the Ottawa scene (members of Garaga, Mumbleweed, The Visitors, Bitchin’ Camaros) need no introduction in town, but it’s been nice to see them recognized all over the world. “Electronic Dating” from the Punk Rock Raduno compilation LP starts this sucker off nicely, and before you know it the record is over, leaving you wanting more. –Steve Adamyk (Uncle D,