NEAUX: Fell off the Deep End: LP

May 31, 2017

Former moshy hardcore dudes met the singer of some pop rock band at Warped Tour and joined up to do the shoegaze thing. (That sentence came out sounding like a burn, but that’s literally what it says in their bio.) The music sounds like what it sounds like when that happens. A couple of the more driving songs like “Somewhere Up North” go for that fuzzy alt-rock sound that a lot of pop punk bands grew into in the last few years. The cover art really tells you all you need to know about how this record sounds: swirling florals riddled with halftone dots, minimalist track listing in a vast expanse of negative space—these bands have gotten the aesthetic down to a science. This is the logical progression for kids who graduated from old Title Fight to new Title Fight and are trying to decide what to stream on Spotify next. –Indiana Laub (Iron Pier, [email protected],