NATURE BOYS: Self-titled: LP

Aug 02, 2017

With a serrated glow, Nature Boys cut through the decay we all find ourselves currently existing in. Immune to hype and pretension they are a band fully focused on being a band. I can’t tell if they exist in the pre- or post-internet era, but goddamn, I want to go there with them. Hailing from Kansas City, Kansas (a city so nice they named it one and a half times), Nature Boys take the classic Dead Moon/region rock sound and approach, and fuck it up to utter perfection. Let the multi-vocal harmonies and guitar leads take you away. Let them take you to a place you remember hearing of: the punk utopia we were all promised. When Nature Boys hit you up (and they will!): set up their show, tell your friends, tell everyone, and don’t miss the boat to the promise land. –Daryl (Mandible)