Nov 22, 2017

This cannot be slotted into an easy category. It’s garage. It’s post-punk. It’s art punk. It’s garage post-punk art punk. It’s this and it’s that. If you like the Ausmuteants, the Fall, Goner Records, and mew-sick of that nature, then you will find that Natural Causes are simply the bees knees. It’s slightly blown out and echo chamber in the vocals, with screeching synths that calm down occasionally to recall days of yore when bands like Devo were beginning to happen. Then you have the clangy guitars that chime and crash and rattle over a rock-solid beat. Shit like this will have you totally wired (pronounced “why-urd”). Some of the tracks on the B side hang out past their expiration date, but then you get some real boss sounds like “Behave” and “New Hues,” and everything seems just right for a few moments. –Matt Average (Sorry State,