May 15, 2023

I meant to review this EP for the last issue, but was so taken with it that it worked its way into my regular rotation, and I got too busy loving it to write about it! Nastyfacts were a short-lived teen punk band in early ’80s NYC, with a Black, queer frontperson, and more hooks than a goddamn bait and tackle shop. In terms of pure, catchy abandon, this band is on par with The Buzzcocks and Exploding Hearts, and this record is a repress of their only recording: three songs that fly by in seven short minutes and hit like a Jack ‘n’ Cherry Coke against a brick wall. If you like melodies, fuzz, evolving queer narratives, and slept-on Black punks, then you need to snap this up because the original pressings go for hundreds of bucks online. And if you don’t like those things… we probably ain’t friends. –Chris Terry (

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