NASROT: Totalne Nasrot: LP

Mar 22, 2017

Looking to “one-up” your friends’ obscene knowledge of Swedish d-beat? Tell ‘em that was so 2007, that you’re only into Czech trash punk from the late ‘80s, then flabbergast them with your knowledge of Nasrot. Nasrot (translation “drunk as fuck”) were a hardcore Cz band from ‘88-‘89, donning matching brown leather jackets and scruffy appearances to mess with pre-conceived notions of mohawks and bondage pants, yet producing blistering short, fast Dead Kennedys-style punk. Lyrics swung from their love of the drink, dubbing themselves “pub-core,” to the hardships of living in a Communist state. The Nasrot discography may not receive a whole lot of repeat spins, but it makes an interesting and entertaining aural history lesson. –Matt Seward (PHR,