MY FICTIONS / DREAMWELL: “Patience” b/w “I Heard My Mother Begging”: Split 7”

Jan 27, 2023

After a hiatus following their 2014 album Stranger Songs, the Boston-based trio My Fictions came back strong in 2021 with the EP Time Immemorial and a subsequent single “Disguise.” For the sixth release in the Tor Johnson Records’ Twentieth Anniversary Subscription Series, the band teamed up with Providence’s Dreamwell for a split single. The My Fictions track “Patience” is everything long-time fans of the band would expect. It lands like a sonic body slam and doesn’t let the listener up until the end. Dreamwell have been steadily releasing music since 2017. Their most recent LP Modern Grotesque came out early in 2021. Their track, “I Heard My Mother Begging,” has a ton of the jangly guitars they’re known for, but I felt like it lacked some of the heaviness of their other material, particularly tracks like “Painting Myself a Darker Day,” from the Modern Grotesque LP. That said, I think fans of either band should grab this if they can still find it, and it’s a good taste of what both bands offer. –Paul J. Comeau (Tor Johnson, [email protected])

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