My Best Friend the Monster By Dillon Hallen, 24 pgs.

This is absolutely delightful. If you’re of a certain age, you may remember the read-along record and books that came out in the early ’80s. You could listen to a sound effects-laden tale of Gremlins or Star Wars or something while reading along in the illustrated picture book. My Best Friend the Monster takes that idea and puts a punk rock spin on it. This is the story of a young outcast who befriends a frankenpunk that was created from old B-movies. It’s a pretty sweet tale, filled with fun references that the horror nerds will catch. The record is punctuated by a theme song and a bonus jam by the author’s band, T.V. Tombs. If you can’t have a good time with this you gotta sort your life out. –Emma Alice Johnson (Fizz Books)