MUTANT POP COMPACT DISC CATALOG #21-D, free, offset, 8½” x 11”, 16 pgs.

Jan 06, 2022

Mutant Pop was one of the most important labels of the pop punk era. The Automatics, Connie Dungs, After School Special, and many more were catapulted into the underground via the Mutant Pop brand, with legions of us lining up whenever the label pumped out a new 7” or CD. 2021 is a fantastic time for Mutant Pop devotees, given the label’s resurgence and the dream-come-true After School Special reissues via Something To Do Records. In its heyday, Mutant Pop catalogs were full-fledged zines, replete with interviews and articles. The catalogs are back with the revived label, and all you have to do to get on the mailing list is send the message “I Love CDs!” to [email protected] This issue includes an article outlining the return of the label’s beloved Short Run Compact Discs (SRCDs), an interview with Charlie Bunce of After School Special, a column by Razorcake’s own Rev. Nørb, listings of Mutant Pop releases for sale, and much more. Welcome back, Mutant Pop! We’ve missed the hell out of you. –Art Ettinger (Mutant Pop, 5010 NW Shasta Ave., Corvallis, OR 97330)