MUSIC ON FIRE: Self-titled: LP

May 15, 2023

Dan Vargas is the quintessential punk rock Renaissance man. He’s been neck-deep in Los Angeles’s underground almost from day one, as an artist (he handled vocals for Four Way Hit), manager/producer (he’s worked with Thee Undertakers, Legal Weapon, Barbara Manning, The Brat, Cambridge Apostles, Odd Squad, Sludge, and Las Tres, to name a few), writer (his “Hecho en Aztlán” and “No Cover” articles are both indispensable “you are there” snapshots of the early Los Angeles/Hollywood and East Los Angeles punk scenes) and scenester. This latest musical project is a potent cocktail of punk; post-punk; grungy, bluesy rock; a sprig of techno rhythm; a dash of organ and a twist of twang, blended well and served up frothy and flaming. This is the soundtrack to the apocalypse from the L.A. Basin’s perspective—loud and rife with attitude. –Jimmy Alvarado (Music On Fire, [email protected])

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