MURDERLAND: Splitsville: LP

Aug 25, 2016

Splitsville is a long-awaited release from Southern California band Murderland. Murderland is somewhat thrashy, horror pop punk, with a heavy emphasis on pop punk. I say this because, while the lyrics often mention things like massacres and spooky things following people in the shadows, massacres don’t seem as frequent as hangovers and that person being followed is an ex-girlfriend. I actually think the lyrics are super silly and fun, but if you don’t like really clean-sounding vocals, you might not be into it. Two of my favorite lines are, “When we’re together every day is Halloween,” from “Gerianne” and, “How the hell did I get here, there’s way too much cocaine and beer… this place might be the death of me but I don’t ever want to leave,” from “Whatever Happened.” Overall the seven-track release is energetic and frenetic, and I dig it. Extra points for the record itself because it is pressed in a beautiful blue and transparent haze; the Futurama soundbite (“Your music’s bad and you should feel bad”); the soundbite on the title track from a 1945 movie that took me at least five minutes to find on Google; and the record sleeve itself, mostly because it features photobooth-style photos of all five band members and an awfully random thank you to the “kind people of Salmon, VA.” -Madeline (Murderland,