MÜLLTÜTE: Self-titled: LP

Nov 26, 2018

Second full-length from this German terrorist cell. Like a dirty bomb of unconventional, trendless hardcore punk, this record just decimates every corny fest lineup and nostalgic reunion tour your buddy’s younger sibling is really excited about. Scummy, sharp guitars and barked German vocals. It’s Welcome to 1984 in 2018; the rules were never created. Twelve years ago, a Swedish band named Svartenbrandt released a fourteen minute masterpiece called Från Andra Sidan Spåren. I’ve never heard a band that I felt was comparable to them until I heard Mülltüte. For those keeping score at home, that’s a grand slam of a recommendation. Get this record and erase all the preconceptions you’ve been indoctrinated with. –Daryl (Self-released, [email protected])