MUJERES PODRIDAS: Muerte en Paraíso: LP

Jan 05, 2022

Insanely fresh-sounding hardcore punk from the Lone Star state with members who previously drew blood in Criaturas and Vaaska, among several others. All signs point to the California coast for influence, as I can hear everything from Living in Darkness, the Blue album, Jealous Again, and We are the One. Back in 2004 I thought Regulations from Sweden had conquered the California sound revival only to be matched here in 2021 by Texas punks. The unfortunate thing for this album is that it might get ignored or passed on by due to it being sung in Spanish or because it’s not clean, straight dudes embracing ’90s aesthetic in “hardcore” but it’s got my vote for album of the year. This record is already in its second pressing, so grab a copy or pose now and forever. –Juan Espinosa (Beach Impediment,,

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