Jan 30, 2019

This excellent scummy split from two GG Allin-loving bands is so blatantly cheeky, even the most politically correct brothers and sisters in our fold would likely concede the joke, whether or not they approve. Mudsex is from Chattanooga and features Josh Mayfield from recent lineups of Hellstomper. Like their earlier material, these tracks are fast, noisy, and raw, with a definite Southern punk influence peering in through the distorted vocals. Bucket Flush from Philadelphia has a similar lyrical sensibility, but musically has more of a 1990s streetpunk feel, reminding me of the better Rodent Popsicle bands from back in the day. This split is highly recommended for fans of catchy, humorous, filthy punk. I am enjoying it thoroughly. –Art Ettinger (WereOpossum)