MR. T EXPERIENCE, THE: Mtx forever: 2 x LP/CD

May 27, 2020

I write this during the partial COVID-19 lockdown here in the U.K. and other than the good health of family and friends it’s quite difficult find much pleasure in life, as there is a grey cloud shrouding life here and around the world. However, this collection of two dozen remastered tracks by one of the great pop punk bands has managed to raise my spirits and allow me to forget what we are coping with for a while. Frank Portman is without doubt one of the best lyricists that has ever committed words to songs. His wry, humor-laden approach, which when aligned to simple but massively catchy tunes, resulted in a wealth of must-have material back in the 1990s. Not everything that MTX did was perfect but that can be said of many bands. This collection brings together some great songs, many of which bring memories of my younger days flooding back. My three favorite MTX songs feature here. I will always love “Dumb Little Band,” “Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba” and “I Wrote a Book About Rock and Roll” and sing along heartily to them. This is a perfect album for any longtime fan or anyone just curious about the band. –Rich Cocksedge (Sounds Rad, [email protected],