MR. T EXPERIENCE, THE: King Dork Approximately the Album: LP

Jul 25, 2018

The late ‘80s/early ‘90s (and what followed in its wake) produced a bumper crop of shit bands Xeroxing Xeroxes of Xeroxed Ramones-template tunes about being bored, being dumb, and boobs. Mr. T Experience, to my mind, were one of the exceptions, no doubt because they were in there right when the swell was just beginning to take shape and long before everything got wiped out by a tsunami of mediocrity. Their latest album shows ‘em still slugging along in the same vein: catchy songs about girls with creative name spellings, broken hearts, high school misery and so on; strong on quirky-smirky humor and teeth-aching sugary pop hooks. Long it’s been since I wrote off this sub-niche, and equally long it’s been since I dug something related to such niche this much, especially the acoustic-rag tunes that pop up here and there. –Jimmy Alvarado (Sounds Rad)