MR. GODSON: Will Be the Last One to Survive: 10”LP

Sep 20, 2017

Strange little 10” with the equally strange cover art of two sea monsters superimposed onto a black and white picture of two toddlers, watching and eating popcorn. It’s a head scratcher. Mr. Godson is from Limoges France, and they sing in both English and French. I have to admit I like the fact I can’t tell. Singing is purely emotive for Mr. Godson. They have a clean, polished alt-pop sound with a smidgen of melodic hardcore breaks and post punk guitar riffs, but mostly they’re straight pop punk. DIY right here on this 10”. You can tell a lot of love went into this LP. It’s not mind-blowing, but much props for getting this out into the universe. –Camylle Reynolds (mrgodson.bandcamp,