Jan 30, 2019

This split begins with France’s Mr. Godson. It started off intriguing and was evocative of the intro to Blink-182’s “The Rock Show.” The recording is very clean sounding, but once the vocals came in, I wasn’t as into it. The lead singer’s growly, heavy French accent and gang vocals seemed overpowering on “Let’s Start a Fire,” and seemed a little pirate-y. I liked the background music, and think the drummer does a great job. The vocal style works a lot better on “Farewell,” and seems more natural. “We Are the Last One to Survive” sounds like a mash-up of Bayside songs, but has too many elements going on. This band loves their gang vocals, and at times the lead vocals try to draw out slower over the fast tempo, but don’t hit the mark. There are also some weird, unnecessary echoey sound effects going on in the bridge, and sometimes more is too much. “Joy’s Rage” starts off with a punk beat that leads into a rap rock vibe that is off-putting. This band doesn’t have one set sound, and maybe they’ll be the last one to survive because they keep throwing in every aspect of music that they know. I’m not here for it. Quebec’s Rock N Roll Television’s sound was a refreshing change from the confusion of the radio dial of whatever Mr. Godson was. I love a band that does heavy Ramones influence well, and Rock N Roll Television hits the mark. “Where’s EJ” has fast drums, a nice guitar solo, and all the “whoa ohs” one could want. “Shark Attack” has a surfy feel to it which is fun, and both “I Don’t Wanna Be Smart” and “I Wanna Be with You” have subtle hints of MxPx that blend well with their other influences. The blend of backup vocals are on point. I love a band that attempts Beach Boys layered vocals and does it well. I will definitely be checking out more of Rock N Roll Television. ­–Cynthia Pinedo (PCT Musique)