MR. AND THE MRS.: Fukkkops: 7”

May 24, 2022

Yes, indeed! “Fukkops” is that nasty and tough slice of punk aggression you’re always jonesing for—and when you finally get it, it’s glorious rush. It’s short, to the point, and delivered with that ageless attitude that anyone who’s not a bootlicking cop lover can relate to. The kind of song that pops into your head when you see that incel in front of you on the road with their Punisher sticker and jackoff flag with the blue stripe across it on the tailgate of their compensating truck. “Gasoline Ice Cream” switches gear into something more mid tempo and twice as long as the previous song. Act quickly, because this is limited to only one hundred copies. Baby, I want more. Like a full on LP more. –Matt Average (Tinker Tapes,, [email protected])