Dec 06, 2019

To this day, Moving Targets’ Burning in Water album remains a huge favorite of mine. Until last year I had never managed to see the band live. That is until Ken Chambers recruited two new members. The Targets were reborn and ended up doing a short tour of the U.K. The London gig was amazing and it was wonderful to hear Chambers’s unmistakable vocals and guitar sound as the band tore through an amazing set. New music was mentioned and Wires is the product of thisnew lineup. It does everything any old fan would want and offers up enough to rope in new fans as well please those already au fait with the band. Chambers hits those six strings with purpose with riffs and leads that create a musical landscape somewhere between the Burning in Water and Brave Noise albums. Comeback albums can occasionally be disappointing but Wires is a joy to behold. –Rich Cocksedge (Boss Tuneage, [email protected],