Nov 26, 2018

This is awesome! Imagine if Grant Hart was writing songs and performing in Mission Of Burma, and you are somewhat onto the sound of the Moving Targets. The material here is taken from demos (1983 to 1985), radio show performances (1987 to 2007) and a couple outtakes. I remember seeing ads for these guys when they were around, but never took the time to give them a listen. I wish I had, because this music is some seriously soul-enriching stuff. Their music is hard driving and tuneful, and the vocals have a sincerity that is unquestionable. Songs like “Faith,” “Always Calling,” “Hole,” “In the Way,” and “The Other Side” will send a jolt of lightning down your spine and everything feels and sounds new again. The 2007 radio show performance is unbelievably good. They perform songs they wrote over three decades ago, and they sound fresh and new. The urgency is still there in the recordings, and the playing is tight and shot through with soul and energy. You really need to hear these songs. –Matt Average (Boss Tuneage,


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