Jan 26, 2021

I don’t know, man. This band has an extensive catalog that stretches back to the mid-’80s. But unfortunately this album sits firmly in the camp of “great production and resoundingly bland,” coming across as little more than generation-loss copies of ’90s L.A. bands like Gumball and Overwhelming Colorfast (which, admittedly, I doubt this band has actually listened to). Plenty of nice sonic texturing going on—the guitars sound fantastic—but it serves only to mask what seems like an adamantly mid-tempo album with a serious shortage of chops and impact. Had Humbucker been released in 1995 or so, it may have generated some radio airplay on your local alternative station, but it’ll be 2021 by the time you read this, and it just comes across as uneventful and unthreatening. –Keith Rosson (Dead Broke,