May 25, 2021

Moving Targets are for me one of those bands who, when I listen to them, instantly teleport my mind’s eye to the past. Specifically, Moving Targets make me think of my time as a callow young man driving around Green Bay with friends (I’m looking specifically at you, Rhythm Chicken!), laughing like hell the whole time and digesting Jane’s Addiction, Dag Nasty, and Moving Targets records on the tape deck. I also instantly think of seeing Moving Targets at the Unicorn in Milwaukee in the early ’90s, but the details of that memory are less fixed in my mind as the night involved gobs and gobs of beer. The point is, Moving Targets are a soundtrack-of-life band for me, and Humbucker continues that tradition. Just as my friends from those laughing nights in Green Bay have grown up and evolved—but at the core remain more or less the same as they were thirty years ago—thus with the Moving Targets and Humbucker. The sound has evolved in some ways, but at the core this is what you want from this band, and they do it very, very well. If I’ve avoided doing an actual review of the specifics of this record, so be it; if you like Moving Targets then I’m betting you’ll like this record. My real point, I guess, is not so much to review the music herein as it is to review the importance of this band, one of those bands that for many of us were a consistent and formative part of our lives, even if we may not have known it at the time. –The Lord Kveldulfr (Boss Tuneage / Waterslide)

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