MOUTH: (Mouth…again): CS

Nov 22, 2017

Plodding, sludge hardcore with heavy bass and the throat-splitting vocals I expect. They sometimes divert during the tracks and go more melodic, or staccato—sort of like Fucked Up without the intricacy or originality—and not often enough to keep me interested. But it’s listenable and probably mosh-pittable. “Mr. Z” is my favorite track. I would like to hang with Mr. Z as he receives tribute with metal licks laid on top of slow screaming and growling group chants. I don’t have a verdict. It’s not a genre I listen to on the regular, but I feel like they have a place somewhere, getting really pissed about—I don’t know—whatever these dudes are pissed about. Go for it. –Sal Go (Dead Broke,