MOTORSAV: Respiratordrømme: LP

Jul 20, 2022

Motorsav carries on the dark, melodic punk rock tradition of Swedish bands like Masshysteri and Tristess, but with some added goth and hardcore elements. Their last record, Sange Fra Sygdom, contained killer songs and warranted many repeat spins. Sadly, this new record takes a step back in production, songwriting, and performance. While the songs (and the vocals in particular) just aren’t as strong, the real downfall of this record is the poor production. The kick drum is far too loud and when combined with severe over-compression in mastering, drowns everything else out to the point of major ear fatigue. The art of good record production in punk is being lost with the affordable nature of modern recording gear, and that’s a real shame. Anyone can set up some mics and hit “record,” but if the knowledge behind the laptop is lacking, the results will inevitably show it. Please, bands, scrape up some money, go to a real studio, and pay a real engineer to record and mix your stuff. It’s worth it. Nevertheless, a couple songs do stand out and are worth giving a shot: “Din Krop” and “Spøgelsesbyen.” –Chad Williams (Kink,