MOTORMOUTH MABEL: Self-titled: 7”

Pixelated cover of a scribbly face? Check. Sloppy cut and paste aesthetic, stamped labels, and paper stickers? You betcha. Virtually no band information whatever? Ten four, pal. Low expectations? Indeedy. Except it turns out that this fucking thing riiiiips. Holy cow. Was not expecting how good this is. Two songs on the A-side that sound like the Motards on steroids—muscular, catchy, sneering, malevolent garage stuff that may possibly have been recorded on the fringes of hell. The flip’s a frenetic hardcore song with the same fuzzed-out aesthetic. I dunno how the hell they did it, but this might be my favorite record of this review batch. Truly great and unexpected. –Keith Rosson (Tick Tock)