Sep 26, 2019

I’d venture a guess this Polish trio was really into G.B.H and Discharge in 1986. This LP contains the band’s 1986 demo Nigdy! (“never” translated into English). The LP looks great and the album comes with a precious booklet with some press clips and such (untranslated) and lyrics and memories (translated). One thing apparent from the booklet is at some point they had one big photo shoot. There are loads of great pictures of them hanging around with big hair in desolate areas of Poland. They look like they were having some Beatle-esque laughs that day. I’m not making fun; it’s just odd to think of a band getting this amped for photos taken in preparation for a demo. They probably had a friend into photography. It’s too bad they didn’t have a friend into recording, ’cause the songs are awesome, but the levels are terrible. You really have to turn it up to hear what’s going on. But it’s worth the effort. This record wrecks at a furious pace with loads of tortured minor chords, tight choruses, and d-beats. The lyrics are a wonderful mash of things bands yelled in the ’80s. “The fate of the world is undecided/ the black date is getting closer/ we’re strong, rough, ready, prepared, for the last journey to death.” That’s all the lyrics to a whole song. “Masturbacja” is a frank rumination on masturbation I don’t fully understand, but I think it’s important to talk openly about these things, so it’s good as a conversation starter. You have to really pay attention to this to get a lot out of it, but I found it time well spent. –Billups Allen (Warsaw Pact,,