MORAL MAZES: Gold Beach Fortresses: 7”

Jan 26, 2021

This group is chock full of musical talent and experience. We’ve got J. Robbins on bass (GI, Jawbox, Burning Airlines), Darren Zentek on drums (Report Suspicious Activity, Office Of Future Plans), Jeff Dean on guitar (Airstream Futures, Dead Ending, The Bomb), and Michael Freerick on vocals (Amusement Parks On Fire). What a lineup. But how does it sound? Amazing. If you want to be instantly teleported to a time before ubiquitous internet access, pay phones, and college radio, this band is your time machine. It’s a bit dreamy in the vocal delivery, and overall just very fuzzy, grunge-influenced, guitar-driven alt rock. Absolutely a band that would play at The Bronze. This is only a two-song single, though I enjoyed both of them very much and wish there was more. –Kayla Greet (Little Rocket, / Rad Girlfriend,