Nov 22, 2017

Some songs are quiet singer/songwriter types with soft vocals and acoustic guitar. Others are pretty pop jams with some solid hooks. But then there are songs like “New Car” that come out swinging with a power pop sound that’d be right at home next to the Marked Men on a mixtape. The band sort of dances around styles while providing tunes for you to do the same. All the songs have a sense of sweetness to them—not quite saccharine, but like a story told by your best friend shrouded in a crocheted blanket while holding a cup of hot cocoa. They’re injected with honest and raw lyrics that are delivered gently, as the subject matter is of a confessional tone. In a way, they feel like as if Cometbus’s zines were translated to song. There are topics of loss, emotional sensitivity, pain, and struggle. But they’re packaged in a beautiful way. I listened to this record while my boyfriend’s calico warmly purred on my lap and it felt very appropriate. Somewhat venerable, somewhat familiar. –Kayla Greet (See My Friends)