MOOR MOTHER: Fetish Bones: CD

Jan 18, 2017

It’s difficult to review Moor Mother’s Fetish Bones because it’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard before, except for maybe the more experimental and confrontational side of anarcho. Artist, poet, musician, and activist Camae Ayewa unleashes a thought-provoking aural barrage that defies both rap and punk. It’s not a collection of songs, in the traditional sense, but a series of modulated poetry layered on sample-heavy electronic noisescapes. There are no hooks. No power chords. No singalongs. The “songs” are acts of protest in and of themselves, deconstructing musicality and refusing to conform to any genre. Fetish Bones is not an album you enjoy but one that makes you angry and gets you off your ass. It provides inspiration, sparks discussion, and reminds you of what you have forgotten or tried to suppress. In that sense, who gives a fuck if it isn’t catchy because few songwriters can wake one up like Moor Mother. –Sean Arenas (Don Giovanni,

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