MOON BLOOD: Violent Acts: 7”

Jul 25, 2018

Moonblood’s new 7” sharpens the hardcore style they developed on their past demo, Cramp. The pounding drums and the roaring guitar riffs on the first track, “Choke” kicked off the record very nicely. This formula is effectively replicated on the next two tracks, “Neu Pogo” and “No Excuse,” where zooming riffs are complemented with pleasantly repetitive drumming. The vocals on all of these songs are highly emotive and match the instrumentation in spirit. “Shroud” teases towards more of the last three tracks, but devolves into some piercing experimentation that sets it (marginally) apart from the rest of the release. “Vile” effectively finishes off the album with more of the same. Moonblood’s sound is sharp and confrontational, and the slight monotony of the songs is excusable considering that this release is no longer than five minutes. Definitely a nice listen for hardcore fans looking for bands with emotive female vocals and catchy riffs. –Anna Farr (Running In Place,