MONSTERS, THE: Du Hesch Cläss, Ig Bi Träsch: LP

May 24, 2022

The garage-trash elder statesmen have returned to once again rally the true rock’n’roll believers in their crusade against the stuffy purists and boring dead weight clinging onto the scene. Follow Beat-Man and Co. as they thrash and trash their instruments in an ungodly racket befitting of a teenage, nihilistic hardcore outfit. The tempo slows and accelerates in a menacing frequency, the vocals sneer and bellow in an unpredictable behavior. All the rookies who don’t think you actually need songs if you have a sound, take note. Destroy the altar, give your idol a wedgie; this is the soundtrack for chaos, both benevolent and destructive. Take the ride to the very end, up to the edge. It’s worth it. –Daryl (Slovenly / Mondo Mongo)