MONKEY POWER TRIO: On Legs of Lions: 7”

Sep 16, 2021

Well this is an interesting and unique way to run a band. These guys get together one day a month for a jam session. No practice, no expectations. Just fuck around with the guys, take the songs that sound the best, and press them to vinyl. This particular release is from a session they did in 2017, and is the twenty-third day they came together to make music. Knowing all that, I admittedly had rather low expectations for this record, but the A side was pretty good. I mean, it’s pretty messy and I don’t think I would opt to listen to it on my own again, but I appreciate these guys having fun and recording their impromptu songs. The B side was far less interesting to me. Lots of falsetto and meandering. I think they’re using a drum machine too? Still, not the worst thing I’ve ever heard. –Kayla Greet (Self-released)

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