MONKEY 101: Rusts, Smuts, and Heart Rot: LP

May 25, 2021

The Philadelphia-based indie rock band Monkey 101 was active in the early ’90s. Their first 7” was released on the influential Philly label Siltbreeze Records, and this LP is the group of songs that were recorded as a potential follow-up, unreleased as a full collection until now. Musically, Monkey 101 are aggressive and catchy, like an early ’90s band trying to capture the guitar rock sound, feel, and aesthetic of the kinds of things Homestead Records had been releasing in the years prior, with lots of catchy, guitar-driven post-punk and indie rock. At the more laid back moments, this gave me some My Dad Is Dead vibes (again with the Homestead reference). When Monkey 101 turns the intensity up to ten, this sounds more like something the Goner Records garage rock crowd would appreciate—raw and intense—but with a timeframe-appropriate ’90s indie rock sheen. –Mark Twistworthy (Sister Raygun,

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