MODERN WARFARE: Complete Recordings and More: LP

Sep 20, 2017

Modern Warfare was one of the local Southern California bands that never really got a fair shake, by my reckoning. Despite two 45s and a handful of comp tracks, thanks in no small part to member Jimmy Bemis’s other gig as head honcho at Bemisbrain Records, they’re largely a footnote anymore. This is a bummer because their oeuvre is danged impressive. Much of their tunes work within the thrashy parameters popular in the early ‘80s, but they infuse them with a nice vein of “art,” making the songs stutter, change gears, and lurch forward along often unorthodox structures, yet still managing to rock with the best of ‘em. In addition to their complete output, the folks responsible have included on the flip tracks from the band’s prior incarnation, The Moderns, and several demos of more recent vintage by Bemis, plus a booklet of photos, flyers, lyrics, and the like. Nice to see ‘em get some overdue propers and a nice opportunity to collect their works in one place. –Jimmy Alvarado (Rerun)