MOBINA GALORE: Single & B-side: 7”

Mar 22, 2017

Until I saw Mobina Galore support Against Me! at the tail end of 2016, I’d only listened to the band via the internet. However, I took the opportunity to pick up this 7”—as well as the band’s Cities Away album—at that gig. The guitar and drum duo manages to combine punchy punk rock with a shitload of melody in its songwriting, resulting in a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience. After quite a while of head scratching, I had a eureka moment when I realized that it strongly reminded me of a stripped-down Fabulous Disaster, which is probably the best comparison I can think of. Released primarily for the U.K./European tour, there is a digital version with four tracks via New Damage Records. –Rich Cocksedge (Gunner, [email protected],