MNRL CULT FIELD REPORT #1, $4, 5” x 7”, printed, 20 pgs.

Mar 17, 2021

I’ve enjoyed the bizarro Lovecraftian artwork of Nxoeed in the past. Here, he’s released a kind of scavenger hunt zine, which includes Arizona geocacheing coordinates and annotations for readers to follow. The comparison is a weird one, I know, but this digest-sized zine immediately reminded me of Cometbus #29, in which Aaron included a walking tour, with landmarks to guide readers. That issue of Cometbus was also small in size, presumably designed to be carried around by the readers. I don’t know whether this connection was intentional, but being compared to Cometbus in any context ain’t a bad thing, right? –Michael T. Fournier (c/o Fluke, PO Box 1547, Phoenix, AZ 85001)

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