MISSING PAGES: “Long Way Down” b/w “Highlighter Piss”: 7”

Jul 28, 2020

It’s been a long time since I’ve written. This 7” feels how it feels to be alive on day sixty-something of quarantining in Los Angeles in my sunlit apartment, staring into an alley that used to be filled with skateboarding teenagers screaming “Fuck,” tumbling on pavement, that used to be filled with working men and is now filled with lonely, clean air and overgrown bushes juxtaposed against rubber gloves on the ground like weeds. I’m listening to the A side, “Long Way Down,” looking over the shoulder of a rubber tree growing toward the light, pushing blinds to the side like a familiar foe. I remember the feeling of the sun on my skin. “How it feels to be underneath… I knew you then, a warming light” repeats. The feeling of Missing Pages—the feeling of remembering sun on our skin and knowing it will be there again—bright, full, somber, hopeful. Beautiful. –Candace Hansen (12XU)

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