Nov 15, 2022

Who wouldn’t want to listen to this sparkly gold cassette if it showed up at their door?! Miss España, a Spanish band consisting of Miss L, Miss M, and Miss V, put out this three-song cassette in (the cursed year of) 2021 and, knowing that Miss V (from amazing band Rata Negra) sings (and plays keys) on it, I was excited to check it out! It does not disappoint. “Mi amplificador” starts out with a gloriously heavy bass and may be a love song to an amplifier, which is great. “Cefalea tensional” brings some new wave-y keys and some frustrated screaming in the background. “VM75” has slightly menacing keyboards, more impressive bass, and a frantic quality. The drums throughout are crisp and at times have a drum-machine-y feeling to them. I would love to see them play with Sweeping Promises—total dance party! –J. Federico (Self-released, missespanha.bandcamp.com)

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