MISHAP #37, $1 or trade, 5½”ish x 8½”ish, copied, A5, 24 pgs.

Mar 28, 2018

Ryan Mishap’s been doing this zine for years; thirty-seven issues is nothing to sneeze at. What we’ve got here is a collection of ruminations on: bird-watching, nature, masculinity, our nation’s descent into authoritarianism. It’s scattershot with images here and there, cleanly laid-out, and nicely written. While Ryan successfully eschews most of social media, I’m pretty enmeshed in it, and so it’s a little disorienting to read his takes on “old” events like Trump’s “fire and fury” comments, or last spring’s MAX killings here in Portland. Still, Ryan’s thoughtfulness and care shine through, and his commitment to zines and zine culture should be lauded. –Keith Rosson (Ryan, PO Box 5841, Eugene, OR 97405)